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Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML)

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Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML)
Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML) Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML)
Brand: Beauty Buffet


  • Reduces scars, black spots and fine lines for smoother skin
  • Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Jojoba oil, Centella essence
  • Reduces stretch marks during and after pregnancy
  • 100% Natural
  • Best selling scar and fine line reducing cream in drug stores personal health care chains, supermarkets in Thailand
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Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam (100ML)


牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML)








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Beauty Buffet Milk Plus Q10 whitening facial cleanser removes the aging epidermis cell, clean pore, remove melanin, and facial impurities and makeup.


Cleansing Milk .... Foam Cleanser gently formula Q-Tech (Co-enzyme Q10) and extract the pure milk (Hydrolyzed Milk Protein) helps skin to white skin radiant and healthy.


Main Benefits: 

Whitening, Anti-aging, tender skin, moisturize enzyme Q10 and hydrolyzed milk protein with mild formula and a mixture of aloe Vera extract, nourish the skin smooth, give it a bright luster, remove freckles and tightening the pores.

Aloe Vera extract is absorbed into the skin to restore the skin deep moisture. 

Antioxidant Vitamin E can help reduce premature aging.

Glycerin helps balance water embellish in skin so that it won't dry.

Milk essence and Q10, gentle clean the skin, moisture whitening, aloe essence deep penetrate Skin, replenish moisture, vitamin E anti-oxidation function, reduce wrinkles appear too soon.

Milk essence, herbal extract, pancreatic protein, enzyme, protein and natural fruit beta Hydroxyl acid combination.

Brand: Scentio (by Beauty Buffet) 
Product type: Facial foam 
Size: Net content 100 ml
Variant: Milk plus Whitening Q10 
Origin of Product: Thailand


How to use: 

Clean your face with water, apply the cleanser onto face with gentle massage, and then rinse off. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water immediately.





主要功效: 美白保湿 清洁 抗氧化
适合人群: 所有人群
使用方法: 挤少许于掌心,加水打成泡沫状,用指腹于面部以由内往外的方向轻轻打圈,稍后用清水冲洗干净即可。


BEAUTY BUFFET — 源自泰国本土,是各国游客去泰国旅游必买的顶级化妆品品牌。现旗下有Scentio(天然纯净)、Lansley(面部身体护理)、Gino McCray(职业美妆)、The Bakery(年轻美妆)四个子品牌,产品类型共包括化妆品,面部护理,身体护理,头发护理和化妆工具等。全球共有150多家门店,店面很可爱,主要以粉色白色以主打,加上黑条设计,可爱中不失简约和档次。BB产品全部融合“天然、纯净”的理念,采用纯天然材料提取,每一款东东都尽可能少地运用添加物,保证了天然与功效。每款东东的味道绝对没得说,水果味的冰淇淋,纯真的牛乳,甜甜的水果糖,闻起来看起来会让人产生一肚子吃掉的强烈食欲,让人十分喜爱!






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1xBeauty Buffet Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Facial Foam 牛奶Q10洗面奶美白滋润洁面乳 (100ML)


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